Whistler Windsurfing & Kiteboarding

Cool down on a hot day by going windsurfing. Whistler might be renowned for its mountains, but the ocean very close and many lakes can be the terrain of other adventures.

Close to the coast

The Coastal Mountains have been rightfully named. South of Whistler, just a 30-minute drive away, you will find Squamish, nestled between summits and ocean. Squamish is a world-renowned destination for windsurfers, kiteboarders and wakeboarders. The launch pad is perfectly located. You can rely on predictable winds at least each afternoon (mornings too depending on the day!) and an emergency rescue service is always on standby to pick up dunked windsurfers. From beginners to professionals, Squamish’s winds will bring adventure and new experiences to all.


If you would rather avoid a drive down to Squamish, Alta Lake in Whistler will be the ideal windsurfing location. For years Alta Lake was the ‘cool’ spot during the summer season where ski buffs could enjoy some refreshing adventures. Although mountain biking has brought many back to the mountain, windsurfing is still a popular activity, Lakeside Park and Rainbow Park have a launch pad and rental gear. And thanks to the location of Whistler, close to the ocean, you can count of a fresh breeze almost everyday.

Both the ocean in Squamish and Alta Lake in Whistler are relatively cold, being fed in part by glacial waters, so be careful and bring your wet suit even on very hot days!