Whistler Jeep Tours

Deluxe off-road vehicles to explore Whistler’s backcountry! If you want a unique experience in the comfort of leather seats, just sit back and relax… in a jeep!

High-end off-road

Jeeps may have been seen on the road a lot in the past years, but they were created as some of the most ultimate off-road vehicles out there. A jeep will take you swiftly on backcountry roads, powering through steep paths and roaring along alpine ridges. Nothing will stop those vehicles, and you will discover beautiful vistas and untouched natural surroundings and wildlife. From a journey to the peak of Whistler Mountain to a ride to a sunset on the glacier, take your chance to venture into the wilderness!

Professional guides

On your journey you will be driven and guided by professionals who have a long experience of the backcountry roads and the mountains. They will be able to get you to your destination safely through some of the most beautiful vistas that exist: old growth forest, alpine meadows, rocky glaciers… And many tours include a hearty meal atop the summits, because everyone knows that adventure gives you an appetite!