Whistler Horseback Riding

Put on your cowboy boots, choose your ride and hop on! Whistler and its surroundings are a cowboy’s (and cowgirl’s!) dream.

A different point of view

The slow pace of a horse when walking in old growth forest or a gallop through beaches and meadows are the opportunity to see the mountains in another way. You will feel closer to Nature, the wildlife will opens its doors to you. Horseback riding tours around Whistler explore the most interesting corners of British Columbia. Veteran cowboys and first-time riders alike will enjoy every minute of the experience.

Accessible to all

You will find pony rides for the little one, from 15 minutes to an hour or more, trail rides, guided tours of several hours and wagon rides for those who prefer horse-draw to horseback. The horses are selected for their endurance, experience in the mountain and good temper.

Find the right horse