Canoeing & Kayaking in Whistler

Canoe Sample from peter bailey on Vimeo.

Enjoy a canoeing or kayaking tour during the hot summer days. With many lakes and rivers accessible, Whistler is a paradise to cruise the calm waters or some rapids.

Paddle into the wilderness

Whether an expert paddler looking for an adventure or a beginner looking for a leisurely ride, canoeing and kayaking are activities accessible to all. Simply dip your paddle into the shimmering waters and drift away. Paddle crystal clear lakes or voyage down the rivers, discover the wildlife in their environment, when there are no roads, simply the river, the mountains and the sky. Stop on a beach for a dive or fish your diner, everything is possible.

Accessible adventure

For an hour or a week, Whistler offers many tours and rental options. Most of Whistler’s lakeside parks provide canoe and kayak rentals by the hour or the day during the summer, so hop on when the beaches get crowded. Kayaks, canoes or even 10-person voyageur canoes are available, to re-live the legends of the pioneers.