“The Little Things” Canadian Film Premier

Environmentally Conscious Snowboard Movie By Marie France-Roy
Date: October 16th, 2014 Time: 7.30pm doors open, 8.30pm showtime Tickets: $17 A snowboard film featuring the stories of riders who are inspiring for their environmentally sustainable initiatives and lifestyles. The Little Things is a non-profit snowboard movie/documentary project, by Marie-France Roy and directed by Darcy Turenne, about riders who have adopted different lifestyles or [read more]

Review: Leonardo DiCaprio’s UN Climate Change Summit is Brutally Honest and Rightly So

Leonardo DiCaprio Speaks at UN Climate Change Summit
Two days ago, at the UN Climate Change Summit, Leonardo DiCaprio compelled the United Nations, and the world, to “make history” or “be vilified by it.​”. In his first speech as UN Messenger of Peace the celebrity environmental activist told dignitaries that “this disaster has gone beyond just what individuals can do, it’s now about our [read more]