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Summit Lodge named Best Boutique Hotel in North America, Best Lifestyle Hotel in Canada

We are delighted to announce that Summit Lodge has once again been honoured at the Haute Grandeur Global Hotel AwardsTM, this year with the titles of “Best Boutique Hotel in North America” and “Best Lifestyle Hotel in Canada“.

A hotel is a uniquely human operation. Our team works tirelessly to create a comfortable, friendly atmosphere where people can relax and be themselves as they enjoy their Whistler adventures.

Being recognized with this prestigious award affirms our efforts and deepens our commitment to our beloved guests. To everybody who’s stayed with us and helped us grow over the years, 1000x thank you!

Summit’s Lorraine accepting the award at the Haute Grandeur Awards Gala Ceremony in Bangkok, Thailand.

About Haute Grandeur Global Hotel and Spa AwardsTM 

The Haute Grandeur Global Hotel and Spa AwardsTM is a leading, respected and globally trusted Awards initiative, honouring remarkable contributions by outstanding luxury establishments; hotels, lodges, casinos, resorts, private island retreats and spas worldwide.

Winners are those hotels and spas that set themselves apart through excellence on all levels, discerning between hospitality and luxury – offering inspiring guest experiences that are incomparable and truly memorable.

Association with Haute Grandeur guarantees recognition, credibility and influence. The Awards are regarded as the highest accolade in the hotel and spa industry – a promise of quality, a distinct symbol of excellence.

Building a school in San Quintin, Mexico [Photo Recap]

Back in May, we hosted the “Build-A-School Fiesta” to raise 💰 to build a school in Mexico’s San Quintin Valley 🇲🇽

This past week, #MissionSanQuintin came to fruition and Summit Lodge’s Lorraine, Tony, Marco, and Joanna ventured south to aid in the school build and learn about local culture.

Lorraine kept a detailed photo diary of the eye-opening journey.

Check out her photos and descriptions below.

Day 1: In transit, San Diego Coronado, Old Town.

Featuring – Yellow, 1am start, more yellow.

Day 2: Part I – Tijuana Border Crossing to Ensenada

Featuring: The staggering shift from wealth to poverty and crime, several dozen members of biker gang members lining the entrance entering the US, the current wall that spans between Mexico and the US, the juxtaposition of destitute shelters comprised of metal sheeting, plastic, wood and tarp with serene ocean views, abandoned towers by thriving apartment blocks, condemned buildings next to mansions, families who seem to be walking miles upon miles along the stretch of highway.

Day 2: Part II – Ensenada to Vincente Guerrero

Featuring – Tourist traps, fish markets, fish tacos, shark heads, cruise ports, windy mountain roads, tequila farms and cactus galore, incredible Mexican landscapes, cinder block buildings, bright buildings, wall murals, more driving, more poverty, queso-tacos at Pollo Loco, Basecamp, bed.

Day 3: First Day of Build

Featuring – Framing, framing, framing, last minute un-cancellation of second build, prepping the second concrete pad, adorable little ones, electrolytes, crashing the school’s dance and sing-a-long class, erecting walls, pre-nailing in the soffits and roof for assembling, puppies.

Day 4: Part I – AM School Build

Featuring – Some goofing, more framing, concrete pouring, hammer-time, getting the oil’ roof on, being super helpful, story time, and a boo boo.

Day 4: Part II – Women’s Transition House, La Dolceria, Thrifty’s Icecream

Featuring – Bacon making , a mini BJJ self defense demo and workshop, piñata, piñata, ice cream and prep for tomorrow’s garbage dump visit.

Women are still considered to be merely property in this part of Mexico, young girls are sold into prostitution and, when considered to be no longer profitable, are discarded. It’s not uncommon for these women to become pregnant in such circumstances, and will end up raising their children without basic parenting skills.

Dorothy take these women in and teaches them hi to be mothers, shows them what love looks like, and in turn teaches them to love the same. She teaches them basic skill, like cooking, and means to make a living. The more incredible work she does is helping restore these women to know that they are valued, of great dignity and worth because they are made in the image of God. Many women have been healed, transformed and restored through her work.

It was a joy today to participate in a basic self-defense demo to help empower these women and reinforce the truth that they are of value and worth, that the abuse that happened and still happens in the area is wrong and worth fighting against. Needless to say, Marco and Joanna led this out and were incredible in using their skills and talent to inspire hope to these women! Love them!

A small team in the evening prepped some food bags for a visit to the garbage dump where we anticipate to meet some people in abject poverty and need.

Day 5: Part I – Third Day Building

Featuring – Early morning bonding with Dakota, sandwich making, loving up some Mexican pups, getting the roof on the second build, lizards, inside walls, Jenga

Day 5: Part II – Abject Poverty in San Quintin’s Garbage Dump

Featuring – Burning refuse and waste, diseased dogs, crude shelters comprised of plastic sheets, tarp, cardboard or whatever can be salvaged from the garbage piles, hopelessness, despair and shame.

This is not just a wasteland or garbage dump, but “Home” to some of the most desperate people in the area. The people here survive from scavenging and salvaging what they can to attempt and sell elsewhere. We walked among flaming piles of garbage and through perpetual fumes of burning plastic searching for the people here to provide them some food and water. We wanted to meet them and show them that they are valued and not forgotten; they too are people made in the image of God, of value, worth and dignity. We wanted to hear their stories and understand the situation they were in.

The biggest thing to hit me was the shame that the people had who lived here. We introduced ourselves providing them with a bag of food and fresh burritos. Their blackened hands were happy to receive ours. All were glad to receive what we had for them, but it was quickly apparent that many felt a heaviness of shame for the situation they were in. They expressed little hope for their lives.

Some of these people spoke English, which meant that they had a reasonable education. It’s likely that a mix of drugs, crime, unfortunate circumstances or mental health issues have forced the people to the point where their only means of survival is to scavenge and salvage materials from the piles of refuse and garbage.

Worse still, we know that there are women who have been forced into prostitution who live here. We know that there are children who are raised in these horrific conditions.

Let’s make no mistake, what we did was not a humanitarian effort to make us feel like we did something good. The problems here are beyond simply providing people with meals. MSQ is working on establishing relationships with the people here with a long term hope of creating a program to free people from this kind of poverty.

Day 6: Fourth and Final Build Day

Featuring – A division of wealth, interior siding, roofing, trim, painting touch ups, clean up, adorable kindergardeners, a thank you feast, street soccer, happy birthdays.

Day 7: Our free day

Featuring – Communal nausea and cramping, awesome team members and nurse love , electrolytes, gravol, charcoal, foetal positions, an orphanage tour and trip to the market (that a couple of us sickies missed ) fish tacos, beach, dinner and sunsets… (and more nausea)

Day 8: Travel Day from Vincente Guerrero to Ensenada

Featuring – Goodbyes, long windy roads, police federale stops, sickies, Mexican mountains, wineries, quick taco stop at Ensenada, stunning desert landscapes, zero wait times at the Tecate border, antics back at Old Town, dance party, lobster, rock’n’roll, and a cigar with whiskies with “tight” friends 

Meet our Crankworx Rider

Meet Honza, part of our Summit Family, who is competing in Crankworx 2017. We sat down to chat with him about his upcoming event, as well as why he travelled over 8000km from his hometown of Pardubice, Czech Republic to come and live in Whistler.

When asked how he thinks he’ll do, he answered “I think I can win it! If not, I’ll never hear the end of it!”. Read the rest of the interview below.

Summit Lodge: Thanks for sitting down with us Honza. It must be coming up to almost a year that you’ve been with us at the Summit Lodge?

Honza: Yeah, nearly a year. Its flown by!

SL: It certainly has. What’s your favourite thing about the Summit Lodge?

H: My old room in staff housing! Haha, but seriously, I like room 301, it has a really cool Whale rug.

SL: So this will be your 5th Crankworx, which event are you entering into?

H: I’m entering into the Enduro Challenge for the second time. The format of the event means you get to compete alongside the professionals, which really adds to the atmosphere.

SL: How do you think you’ll do?

H: I think I can win it! If not, I’ll never hear the end of it!

SL: How long have you been biking?

H: 30 years

SL: What are your three favourite events at Crankworx?

H: Enduro Challenge, Whip Off and Pump Track

Whip Off. Photo by Justa Jeskova

SL: Sounds pretty exciting. What are you doing to prepare for the race?

H: I’m riding as much as I can, keeping my fitness level high so that I’m in the best shape for race day.

SL: What are your top 3 bike trails to ride?

H: Hawaii in Pemberton, Original Sin in the Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park and Out There near Wedge Mountain

SL: And your favourite hiking trail?

H: Black Tusk. I love the views you get from the top, and it is one of the quieter trails in the area.

SL: Favourite restaurant?

H: Rim Rock

SL: What’s your favourite beach in Whistler?

H: Lost Lake (when its quiet) because of how close it is. It is also smaller than the other lakes, which means its warmer! I also like Hippie Lake because its so secluded and has a slide.

View over Lost Lake. Photo by Mike Crane

SL: What is the best bike shop in town?

H: Evolution

SL: What is the best way to experience Crankworx?

H: As a volunteer

SL: What are your top three hangout spots around Whistler?

H: 1. The skate park and dirt jumps near Rebagliati Park
2. Lost Lake
3. Cal-Cheak recreational campground

SL: When you go biking, what do you never leave the house without?

H: A pump and a spare tube

SL: Finally, what has kept you in Whistler so long?

H: My friends and the mountains

Feel the wind in your hair with Spitfire Rentals’ new eBikes: The next best way to see the sights of Whistler

My initial reservations had we worried at first, but they quickly vanished

When I first found out that eBikes were a thing, I have to admit, I had a few reservations. I was sceptical, having owned one too many failed battery powered remote-controlled cars in my childhood, that there existed a battery with enough capacity and power to move a bike, with me on top of it, faster than a crawl and further than a couple of hundred metres. Secondly, the presumptive feeling of shame that would occur as I wheeled the bike back to the shop after it had, inevitably, ran out of battery. And finally, the thought that, having never ridden a motorcycle in my life, I would instantly fall off and injure myself.

These reservations began to melt away as I spoke to Yohann, owner and operator of Spitfire Rentals in the Summit Lodge. He explained that his 10 new Evox City780 electric bikes were top of the range cruisers, designed to be used by anyone who could ride a conventional push bike. With two modes, one for assisted pedalling and one ‘full throttle’ electric mode, he said you can do as much or as little work as you want, all whilst cruising at over 30km/h on flat, and over 12 km/h on the steepest of hills. After a short explanation of the controls of the bike, I donned my bike helmet, climbed on and set off.

The wind rushing in my ears made for an exhilarating ride

The first few pedals felt like any other bike that I had ridden, until the assisted pedal mode activated, the battery kicked in and I pulled away up to 20km/h with minimal effort from my legs. The feeling was exhilarating, I could feel the wind rushing past my ears as I easily made my way to the valley trail, my reservations of falling off or being hit by a car forgotten as I effortlessly reached 32km/h along Lorimer Road.

I decided to jump onto the valley trail alongside Blackcomb Way towards Nesters to test the eBbike’s full electric mode. The long straight section of cycle path was deserted so I pulled over, switched modes with the push of a button and began to pedal to activate the battery. After a couple of cycles, the electric motor engaged with a click and the eBike pulled away easily up to max speed with just a twist of throttle. The effortlessness of being able to zip along the valley trail was truly special, and within minutes I was on the promenade across Green Lake with an exceptional view of the mountains and the Harbour Air Seaplanes taking off.

Increased speed made for more time to take in the view

As the valley trail began to wind its way around the stunning Whistler scenery, I found myself with a sense of inner calm. I was able to concentrate more on how beautiful this bike ride was, stopping whenever I wanted to take in the views from both North and South of the village. Even when I hit the inevitable hills, I just gave the eBike a couple of pedals to help the electric motor along, and it hardly broke its stride.

In a couple of hours I had managed to visit Lost Lake, Green Lake and Alta Lake in my 38km bike ride without even breaking a sweat, despite it being over 30 degrees out. Doing this on a conventional push bike would have taken me more than twice the time and definitely 10 times the effort and, without the ability to stop and go with such ease, I would have been less inclined to stop and take in the dramatic lake views with mountainous back drops.

Truth bombs about the true power of the electric bike

Returning back to the store, I told Yohann the truth, that it was the most fun I had had on a bike for as long as I could remember. We discussed how, with a range of over 200km on assisted pedalling, the eBikes could travel the vast extent of the valley trail on a full charge. I asked Yohann what made his bikes so popular vs. the electric mountain bikes that other stores offered. He explained that the eBike’s cruiser style was designed to make them accessible to anyone who may have difficult getting onto a conventional mountain bike, as well as being far comfier and able to tow a chariot for your kids. I had to admit, the cruiser design of the bikes made the feeling of powering past everyone else on the uphill all the more satisfying.

It really is the next best way to explore Whistler.

For more information on Spitfire Rentals, visit their website: http://spitfirerentals.ca/ and their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpitfireRentalsWhistler/

Get Above The Clouds With Whistler Blackcomb This Summer

Alpine hiking at Whistler Blackccomb in the golden hour
photo: Andrew Strain

Whistler Blackcomb is going above and beyond this summer with new and improved summer activities aimed at elevating the PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience. Guests will see upgrades at every turn, from food and beverage events to hiking and sightseeing.

“After a record breaking winter season, we want to keep the momentum going through the summer,” says Rob McSkimming, vice president of business development at Whistler Blackcomb. “Guests will notice a lot of action on the mountains throughout the summer months as we begin a number of a notable projects. We are excited to upgrade existing facilities as well as add new experiences, like the finished Blackcomb Ascent Trails.”

Whistler Blackcomb’s official opening day for the PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience, which includes summer sightseeing, hiking and alpine dining, is Saturday, May 27. Here are some of the changes guests can expect to see at Whistler Blackcomb this season:

Completion of the Blackcomb Ascent Trails

This summer will see the completion of the Blackcomb Ascent Trails with the addition of Heart Burn, the final section which links to the two previously completed trails. The finished Blackcomb Ascent Trails will give guests access from the valley bottom to the Rendezvous Lodge and will travel a total of 5.2 kilometres (3.2 miles) with a total elevation gain of 1,200 metres (3,937 feet). The Blackcomb Ascent Trails will be fully open in July through September. For more information, please visit https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/events-and-activities/activities/blackcomb-ascent-trail

There will be timed hiking check points at each of the three sections on the Blackcomb Ascent Trails with leaderboards available for guests to track their time and compare to others on Whistler Blackcomb’s interactive social platform, WB+. For more information about WB+, please visit https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/purchase/tickets-and-passes/wb-plus

New Roundhouse Lodge Terrace and Viewing Deck

Last summer, renovations began on Whistler Mountain’s Roundhouse Lodge, and this summer will see the completion of the Roundhouse Lodge Terrace and Viewing Deck. The new upper terrace will be open to the public in July, and the lower deck will be open in August. The two new patios will add an additional 555 seats to the Roundhouse Lodge.

Whisky Jack’s Umbrella Bar will be complete fall 2017 and add 63 year-round patio seats overlooking Whistler Village at the Roundhouse Lodge. Construction of the new umbrella bar will take place throughout the summer.

Mountain Top Summer Feast

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night all summer long, the Mountain Top Summer Feast takes place at 1,800 metres (6,000 feet) in the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain. Beginning June 23 through September 3, with seatings at 5:30pm and 7:00pm, each night will be a selection of the chef’s choice dishes paired with live music and incredible mountain top views. Saturday-only seatings will take place on June 17, and from September 9 until October 7. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/search?q=mountain+top+summer+feast

Ollie’s Grilled Cheese Shack

Ollie’s Grilled Cheese Shack, in the Fitzsimmons Zone of the Whistler Mountain Bike Park, will be open during the peak summer months of July and August to feed hungry bikers and GMC Pump Track spectators. Guests will be able to fuel up with gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee, waffles and more. For more information, please visit https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/the-village/dining/ollies-grilled-cheese-shack

Winemaker’s Dinner Series at Steeps Grill & Wine Bar

The popular Winemaker’s Dinner Series returns this summer to Steeps Grill & Wine Bar in the Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain. On July 29, the dinner features Nk’Mip with winemaker Randy Picton and on September 2, it will feature Sumac Ridge with winemaker Jason James. For more information, and to purchase tickets, please visit https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/mountain-info/on-mountain-dining/winemaker-dinner

Construction of the Peak Suspension Bridge and West Ridge Viewpoint

Guests riding the Peak Express to the summit of Whistler Mountain will notice construction through the summer months on the Peak Suspension Bridge and West Ridge Viewpoint. These exciting new lookouts will be finished in the fall and open to the public for the winter season.

For more information about the PEAK 2 PEAK 360 Experience, please visit https://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/discover/360-experience/tickets-and-passes

For live updates on the Whistler weather, take a look at our Whistler webcams page.

Whistler Mountain Bike Park Open, Early Bird Season Pass $639

Riders at golden hour in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park

feature photo: Whistler Mountain Bike Park

The long awaited countdown to the first chair of the 2017 season will come to an end on May 19, when the Whistler Mountain Bike Park officially opens. The Fitzsimmons Express will spin from 10am to 5pm from May 19 until June 9, with Extended Play until 8pm on Saturdays, Mondays and Wednesdays. Fitzsimmons Zone hours will be extended daily to 8pm on June 10. Dependent on weather conditions the Creek Zone and the Garbanzo Zone are slated to open on June 17. The Creekside Gondola’s operating hours will be from 10am to 5pm and the Garbanzo Express will run from 11am to 7pm.

“Thanks to the extremely hard work of our trail crew, conditions are lining up to be great for opening day,” says Brian Finestone, bike park manager at Whistler Blackcomb. “We expect to have 90% of the Fitz zone open for riders starting Friday including A Line, B Line, Crank It Up, Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, Smoke & Mirrors, Afternoon Delight and many more.”

GT Bicycles Riders Lounge at the base of Whistler Bike Park

Brand new Whistler Mountain Bike Park partner, GT Bicycles will be kicking off the season with a riders lounge at the base of the Fitzsimons Express on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of opening weekend. Visitors to the bike park will be welcomed to relax in the lounge, meet GT athletes Hans Rey, Tyler McCaul and local ambassador Ian Morrison, eat and drink, and have an on-site mechanic work on any minor bike tune ups to be sure their rigs are ready for the weekend. GT Bicycles will also be hosting its SRSLYFun Party on Saturday night at the Garibaldi Lift Company (GLC).

Whistler Bike Park Season Passes and Top of the World Tickets

Purchase an Unlimited Season Pass before May 21 and get a free Top of the World and Bring-A-Friend ticket. Early Bird pricing is available now until June 9on Unlimited, Ten Day, Five Day, Twilight and Top of the World passes, offering riders the chance to save up to $111 on their 2017 Whistler Mountain Bike Park passes.

The Early Bird options include the Unlimited Season Pass for $639, a Ten Day Pass for $430 and a Five Day Pass for $269. The Twilight Pass, which offers bikers unlimited riding after 4:30pm, is available for $259. The Top of the World Pass, available for $259, allows bikers one ride up to the highest elevation per day.

Summit Lodge raised $15K to build a school in Mexico

Crowd cheering at the Cinco de Mayo fundraiser at the Summit Lodge

On Friday May 5th 200 guests and members of the Whistler community came together at the Summit Lodge to kick-start our summer-long fundraising series for Mission San Quintin.

Our goal is to raise $40K by fall 2017. That’s enough money to send a team and supplies to the San Quintin Valley in Mexico to build a school in a rural town.

Thanks to our silent auction partners including the Trump International Hotel & Tower Vancouver, Sunwolf, Canadian Wilderness Adventures, Black Tie Ski Rental, Opus Hotel, Mountain Home Decor and more who donated thousands of dollars worth of prizes.

See the full list of amazing silent auction donors and prizes here

Plus a very special thank you to Mountain FM for being our official radio sponsor, and to Whistler FM for giving us a Tuesday Takeover slot to share out story.

And last, but not least, thank you to El Furniture Warehouse Whistler for hosting the official Cinco de Mayo fundraiser afterparty.

Stay tuned on our Facebook Page for announcements of our full list of summer fundraisers.

Want to come to Mexico with us? You can buy a place on the school build team for a donation of $1400 CAD. That includes flights, accommodation, meals, transport, and a donation to the build-a-school fund. For more details email tony@summitlodge.com

Photos from the night

Help Us Build A School: About Mission San Quintin

Our 2016 mission to build a school in Baja California

Last year, a small group from the Sea-to-Sky corridor, including two Summit Lodge team members, helped to build a school in the San Quintin Valley, Mexico. Having seen the work of the organization firsthand and how it helped to break the cycle of poverty and abuse in the area, the Summit Lodge is now part of a 30-strong team from the Sea to Sky with the goal of build another two schools that will serve over 120 children.

The 2017 mission to the San Quintin Valley

The valley where the school will be built is the world’s largest producer of tomatoes, but also grows strawberries, chili peppers, cucumbers, and green beans which are mostly exported to the US and Europe. Much of the population is made up of migrants from the state of Oaxana who moved in hopes of a better life for their families. But many now live in unsanitary living conditions and homes that are shelters made of discarded cardboard and plastic.

“Whistler has strong links with Mexico,” explains Tony Medd, General Manager of the Summit Lodge. “A lot of our food comes from Mexico and it’s one of the most popular places we go when we need a break from the snow. However, it doesn’t have some of the social infrastructures that we benefit from. When I visited San Quintin last year I was shocked at the working conditions at some of the farms, the persistence of rape culture and abuse of women, and lack of access to education. I couldn’t forget the people I met when I returned to Whistler, and neither could my team.”

More often than not, their children are forced to drop out of school before they can complete their education, either to join their parents in the field or to care for younger siblings. This early drop-out rate is especially the case with girls who become pregnant in their teens. The lack of education then ensures that they have little, to no, choice but to follow the same path as their parents. The goal of the Mission San Quintin Dream Center is to help give these workers the resources they need so their children can remain in school and become educated. In this way, they aim to break the extreme cycle of poverty.

Find out how you can help by joining in out Sleepover Fundraiser

Help Us Build A School: Cinco De Mayo Fundraising Party & Sleepover

We Raised $15K on Cinco de Mayo

The dancing is done, the piñatas are empty, and we’ve just about finished saying thank you to everyone who helped us raise a massive $15,000 towards our goal of $40,000 by fall 2017.

The San Quintin build-a-school fund has had a huge kick start and we’ll be announcing more summer fundraisers in the coming weeks. Keep an eye on the Summit Lodge Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram feeds for details of the next event.

Full photo Cinco de Mayo fundraiser photo album is here. We’d love for you to download or share images via Facebook.

Muchas gracias from everyone at the Summit Lodge!

Crowd cheering at the Cinco de Mayo fundraiser at the Summit Lodge

Help Us Build A School on May 5th: Cinco De Mayo Fundraising Party & Sleepover

Last year, a small group from the Sea-to-Sky corridor, including two Summit Lodge team members, helped to build a school in the San Quintin Valley, Mexico. Having seen the work of the organization firsthand and how it helped to break the cycle of poverty and abuse in the area, the Summit Lodge is now part of a 30-strong team from the Sea to Sky with the goal of build another two schools that will serve over 120 children.

On Friday May 5th, we’re hosting a fundraising Cinco de Mayo party and sleepover at the Summit Lodge to raise money so that we can return to Mexico and build another school in October 2017.

Cinco de Mayo Fundraiser

Lorraine and Tony Mexican Costumes

This Mexican fiesta is the first in a series of events that will raise over $40,000 by the fall of 2017. To build the school we’ve partnered with the Mission San Quintin Dream Centre, a non-profit organization who has been working with the community for over ten years. If we reach our goal the school will be built as early as October 2017.

There are two types of tickets available for the evening: “Cinco de Mayo Sleepover” and “Cino de Mayo Party”

Dress code: Mexican Black Tie or Charro y China Poblana

Cinco De Mayo Party + Sleepover

Price $150 + tax

$85 of each ticket is going straight to our school-building fund


+ A room for two at Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel on Friday, May 5
+ Tickets for two to our exclusive Cinco de Mayo Party
+ Access to the pre-party wine & cheese reception
+ Two tickets for the El Furniture Warehouse Cinco de Mayo After Party
+ Waffle Breakfast for two on Saturday, May 6
+ Great prize opportunities at our Silent Auction

Buy your sleepover ticket here: https://cincodemayofundraiserwhistler.eventbrite.com

Cinco De Mayo Party

Price $25 + tax

100% of ticket price is going straight to our school-building fund


+ One ticket to our exclusive Cinco de Mayo Party,
+ One tickets for the El Furniture Warehouse Cinco de Mayo After Party
+ Great prize opportunities at our Silent Auction

Buy your party only ticket here: https://cincodemayofundraiserwhistler.eventbrite.com

Learn more about the sustainable work of Mission San Quintin and how a school build helps break the cycle of poverty here

Official Event Sponsors

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The Big Idea: Big things brewing at Whistler’s co-working cafe

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 12.35.24 PM

When Heidi Lidholm left Whistler after a season working for Whistler Blackcomb in her early 20s, she knew she would return.

Living proof that a season spent in this resort can lead to a world-class career, Lidholm is a leader amongst the next generation of Whistler entrepreneurs with creative startups that contribute to their community.

While on hiatus from Whistler, Lidholm honed her marketing and branding chops as a digital strategist working with big brands like Mini and BMW. After building a successful business offering online marketing and brand strategy, she returned with a dream to open a co-working space.

Sharing her idea with an old-coworker, Adam Vavrik, who had success building and selling businesses in Whistler, the two friends spotted an opportunity to combine their skill sets in a space in the Summit Lodge that Vavrik had been using for a catering contract.

“That’s where catering met co-working and we decided to fuse,” said Lidholm.

81 Whistler opened its doors as an inspiring work environment, fuelling their professional patrons with healthy food and quality coffee. The two friends have found a balance with Vavrik’s operations and catering experience and Lidholm’s vision and marketing expertise. Together, they have created a collaborative space for a thriving community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, artists and remote workers.

Read the full article here at www.whistlerquestion.com