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Summit Lodge & Spa Whistler is one of those rare hotels that makes you feel happy and special (even if you’re a jaded travel writer like me!).

“Hi Beau!”, I crooned, as I walked back into my suite at Summit Lodge and Spa. I knew the look on Beau’s face meant he wanted to hear all about my scooter ride (“We saw a bear!”, I told him) and that he was wondering if I was nervous about going bobsledding later. Oh, and that he’d love another fish pellet if I had any handy.

Beau joined my beau and me for our stay at Summit Lodge, a boutique hotel where you can expect fun, friendliness and something special. Beau was one of those something specials — a betta fish from Summit’s foster-a-fish program. He’s meant to help kids feel more at ease while they’re away from home, but he makes adults like me feel like a very happy kid.

More kid and kid-at-heart friendly stuff at Summit includes an afternoon selection of candy at Reception and a coffee / hot chocolate bar, complete with whipped cream and an assortment of sprinkles. All complimentary too.

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