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“a lux hotel, but the vibe is way more down-to-earth”

However, if you’re looking for an award winning boutique, one that has the feel of a laid back modern hotel, but is as equally impressive as any high end hotel in the area, stop your searching and give a close look to the Summit Lodge Hotel.

I’m not usually one to get too hung up on accommodations. I’ve spent my fair share of nights sleeping on friends cabin floors to score top-notch powder days, but I have also been treated to 5-star accommodations that were so beyond I had to remind myself I was in said place to go skiing. That said, the Summit nails it in terms of providing an unabashedly luxurious place to call home while you’re visiting Whistler. To myself and my wife, the coolest part was it didn’t feel as stuffy as other high end places we’ve stayed in the past. It’s as if you know you’re going to a lux hotel, but the vibe is way more down-to-earth. Maybe it’s that the Summit is dog friendly? Maybe it’s that you have everything you need to be comfortable like a shuttle taking you slope-side each morning, or the fresh robes, the world class spa, or the local Underground Tuning shop right in the lobby? In any case, it works.