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Cleaning our hotel with “ingredients […] so pure, you can even drink it”

In 2012 Helen and Hayley founded their cleaning company, Eco Mist Cleaning and Restoration and Eco 1supplies, becoming Western Canada’s distributor for Eco Mist Solutions. In just two years their business is four times the size with a warehouse in Function Junction and a rapidly expanding client list that stretches from local hotels like The Summit Lodge & Spa […]

These two clean queens are spreading the word that cleaning with nature is the future. Together, they’re on a mission to help hotels, businesses and homes transition from using chemical cleaners to natural, chemical–free products.

Safer Suds for Healthier Hotels

“Hotel clients are our main focus to inspire, educate and provide a natural way to clean,” Helen explained.

It is common for room attendants to work 40 hours a week for 20 years plus, so offering a chemical-free product is a goal they are passionate about. These eco-friendly entrepreneurs are working to create healthier workplaces. They are raising awareness of the potential health damage of working with chemicals on a daily basis and they are providing an effective alternative that eliminates the need for gloves, eye protection and WHMIS training.

Powerful Products Without Warning Labels

Look at the label on an Eco Mist Solutions product and you will only see simple ingredients like potato, corn, non-chlorinated water, sugar cane and tree sap.

“The ingredients are so pure, you can even drink it,” Helen said. “Eco Mist Solutions has been lab tested and kills bacteria and deadly viruses the same as chemical cleaners, but is made completely by nature.”

Natural cleaning products are often perceived to have a higher price tag and lower performance power, so Helen and Hayley started out by not advertising their use of natural products. After six months they had established their reputation.

By entering the market on a level playing field, they were able to prove that their product (without warning labels) stacked up to the competition at an affordable price.

Not only that, many of their staff reported feeling a difference in their lungs, reduced dry skin on their hands and improved strength of their finger nails.

Hayley Glover on changing how we clean: “The future of cleaning is toxic free, not just green, but natural.”