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#MakeTimeForAdventure Contest Winner: An Epic 24 Hours of Adventure in Whistler by Meghan Zuvelek

On Oct 1st Meghan became the first winner of our #MakeTimeForAdventure sweepstake contest. The prize: an adventure-filled 24 hours in Whistler, jam-packed with some of the best experiences the Sea to Sky region has to offer.

We’ll let Meghan tell you how much fun she had…to be honest, we were jealous we didn’t get to go along!

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Let’s start out by saying, I don’t usually enter contests.

The prizes are never enticing enough, I’m not patient enough to register and the fact that I have never won anything before does not give me a lot of motivation. When I saw the #MakeTimeForAdventure contest, where the winner would spend 24 hours of adventure in Whistler, I couldn’t resist but to enter. I input my contact details, submitted the form and awaited the sweepstakes alert email that would grace my inbox sometime in the next few weeks.

The anticipation was building

As I went about my days in the back of my mind I knew the alert email would be sent soon so I checked my inbox and junkmail daily to ensure it didn’t slip through the cracks. Finally, while at work on a Wednesday, the alert email appeared notifying me that the sweepstakes email would be sent in another 30 minutes.

By the computer already, I waited keenly for the sweepstakes email to arrive and when it did, I successfully answered two skill testing questions and within minutes I had won the prize! The catch? I had 48 hours to organise my life, pack my bags, and get to Whistler to Make Time for Adventure.

Dropping everything for adventure

To drop everything and put your life on hold is not easy for many people. For moms, everything gets a little trickier. Not only am I a mom of a 2.5 year old boy Mateo, my entire support network (husband, grandparents) were conveniently out of town for the weekend of the sweepstakes. Not about to forfeit the only prize I had ever won (and an amazing prize at that), the wheels started turning determined to find a way to make it work.

Fast forward 48 hours and I had a baby-sitter organised, a wing-woman recruited and was on my way up the stunning Sea to Sky highway to redeem our winnings.

Afternoon Oct 3rd: Checking in, let the good times begin

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Photo by Meghan Zuvelek

Our first stop was the Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel which would be our base for the next 24 hours. We met with Vicky, our gracious host and contest organiser, and received our vouchers for the adventures ahead. We had a quick sushi dinner, introduced Mateo to the new baby-sitter and got in the car headed to the Scandinave Spa for an evening of total relaxation.

Evening Oct 3rd: Relaxation at the Scandinave Spa

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Photo by Meghan Zuvelek

The Scandinave Spa is a Nordic-inspired spa situated amongst a spruce and cedar forest just minutes from Whistler Village. The outdoor spa features hot baths, a wood burning Finish sauna, a Eucalyptus steam room, refreshing plunge pools and waterfalls, and tranquil relaxation areas. The concept of the spa is to go from hot to cold to relaxation. This sequence is meant to cleanse the body, stimulate the blood and release endorphins. We arrived just after sunset, a radiant time to visit as the luminosity and steam from the baths created a sense of tranquility and rejuvenation. We spent 2 delicious hours at the spa before packing it in and getting some much needed rest for the adventures still to come…

Morning Oct 4th: Breakfast at Elements, and Superfly Ziplines

Our amazing experience continued the next day with a breakfast at Elements Urban Tapas Bar followed by a short drive to The Adventure Group base camp just outside of Whistler. We would start the day at SuperFly, soaring above Cougar Mountain on a zipline! My friend and I were filled with nervous excitement for the ziplining ahead (my friend more so than me). Our group headed up the mountain in a fleet of rugged 4X4’s until we reached the first zipline of the day. Hoping to ease into the experience we were surprised to see that we were starting on the biggest and the baddest zipline (the highest zipline in Canada to be exact).

Photo by Meghan Zuvelek
Photo by Meghan Zuvelek

After watching the entire group go first (and surviving) we got strapped into the harness, got our game faces on and in seconds were soaring above the mountain canopy, over-top of creeks and rivers in one of the most thrilling experiences I have ever encountered! There were four ziplines in total, each one completely unique. My favorite was the Godzilla, the original zipline, which has an initial steep decent which then shoots you into an open clearing leaving everything behind as one big blur. We had so much fun at Superfly, I would highly recommend it to everyone we know and were walking tall after bravely accomplishing one item from our bucket lists.

After ziplining we raced to the hotel, grabbed Mateo and headed toward the Whistler Blackcomb Peak To Peak. As those of your with a toddler would know, things never move as quickly or smoothly when you have a little one in tow. Because of this, we missed our Peak To Peak experience but will be sure to tick this adventure off the list in the days to come…

Afternoon Oct 3rd: Soaring over the coast mountains with Sea To Sky Air

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Photo by Meghan Zuvelek

The next adventure was a scenic flight with Sea To Sky Air and happened to be the item on the itinerary I was fearing the most. I have travelled confidently on several of planes before but when the seat count gets under 20, my nerves shoot through the roof. I hate small planes. After arriving at Sea To Sky Air, and meeting our captain Dave it became apparent our plane was not only small (it was tiny!).

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset
Photo by Meghan Zuvelek


Photo by Meghan Zuvelek
Photo by Meghan Zuvelek

Dave, myself, my friend and Mateo squeezed into our miniature plane, had a quick safety briefing and were ready to hit the tarmac. We couldn’t have picked a better day for an aerial tour of the Sea To Sky Corridor. The sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky; it was one of those picturesque autumn days where the landscapes are a mirage of orange, yellow and red.

We began our taxi on the runway and it wasn’t long after the wheels started rolling that we gracefully ascended into the sky. In the 15 minute flight we saw river networks, forests, mountains, islands, glaciers and my hometown of Squamish; looking like a completely different place from a birds-eye. We flew so close to The Chief I could almost see the expression on people’s faces as we zoomed past. Best of all the entire flight felt effortless and safe and even the landing, my most feared part of all flights, was barely even felt. I could hardly wipe the grin off my face and the only person more excited than me was Mateo, who is still recounting his experience in broken toddler babble. Another item off my bucket list I can confidently cross off!

What an amazing 24 hours! I feel so blessed to have won the contest and even more lucky that I call this amazing region home. Whistler and the Sea to Sky have so much to offer when it comes to adventure and scenic beauty.

I want to thank everyone at Summit Lodge Boutique Hotel, Scandinave Spa, Superfly and The Adventure Group, Elements, Whistler Blackcomb and Sea to Sky Air for a wonderful time- I will be back!

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