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How to save on your stay at the Summit Lodge

We know, Whistler can be pricey. That’s why we love offering you an affordable rate when you stay at the Summit Lodge.

There are two ways you can unlock a discounted rate (up to 35% savings) when you stay with us:

  1. Book longerthe longer your stay, the more you save. 

    For example, for summer 2018 bookings, you will save 25% on your booking by staying for 4+ nights.

  2. Book early the earlier in advance you book, the more you save. 

    For example, for winter 2019 bookings, you will automatically save 20% on your 1-5 night stay.

Our current seasonal discounts are as follows:

Winter 2018: Until April 30th, 2018

Stay 1-5 days, save 15% off your booking
Stay 6-9 days, save 25%
Stay 10+ days, save 30%

Summer 2018: May 1 – Nov 19th, 2018

Stay 1-3 days, save 15%
Stay 4+ days, save 25%

Winter 2019: Nov 20, 2018 – April 30, 2019

Stay 1-5 days, save 20%
Stay 6-9 days, save 30%
Stay 10+ days, save 35%

Please feel free to use our online booking system or call us at 1(888)-913­-8811 to place your booking.

We hope to welcome you soon 🙂