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How To Get To Whistler


Float plane, helicopter, tour bus, limousine…there are many luxurious and speedy ways to get from A to B. But after all this time, there is one method of transportation that continues to captures the minds, imaginations, and photographs of thousands – and that is to simply drive the highway yourself.

The Sea To Sky Highway is considered, by many, to be one of the top 10 coastal drives in the world. A section of the larger Highway 99, the part referred to as the Sea To Sky Highway is the portion between Horseshoe Bay and Pemberton. There is so much to see and do along the way that you could almost make it a separate trip.

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Whether you’re looking for the fastest, cheapest, or most exciting way to get to Whistler, here’s a list of some of our favourites:

1. How to get from Vancouver to Whistler, hassle-free

Ridebooker : Getting to Whistler

We love to support local Whistler businesses, and Ridebooker has to be one of our favourites. Many of our new and returning guests book their airport transfers, shuttles, and transportation with Ridebooker because of their simple system, super friendly agents, and competitive prices.

The most popular choices with Ridebooker are:

Vancouver Airport (YVR) to Whistler Shuttle: $69

Downtown Vancouver to Whistler Shuttle: $69

Whistler Skylynx Coach from Vancouver Airport (YVR): $72

Tel: 604 966-2209
Toll Free North America: 1 (866) 943-0516

Book online at ridebooker.com

3. How to drive from Vancouver to Whistler yourself

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As we’ve already mentioned there are so many incredible things to do along the way to Whistler, why wouldn’t you want to drive and take it all in. Tourism Whistler have made this handy driving map that you can print off and carry with you – great if you’re traveling from another country and don’t have a data roaming package for your smartphone.

Download the Vancouver to Whistler driving map, here from whistler.com


getting to whistler : car hire whistler avis

Avis Car Rental

Whistler: 604 932 1236
Vancouver Airport: 604 606 2847
Toll Free North America: 1 800 879 2847

Book online at avis.ca

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3. The cheapest way to get from Vancouver to Whistler

Sometimes you arrive in the dead of night or early in the morning, at those times you just want to you and your luggage here as fast and as cheaply as possible. Here are a couple of our tried and tested cost-effective and direct ways to get from Vancouver to Whistler.

How to get to whistler: greyhound bys

Greyhound Bus Service

Regular service that picks up downtown Vancouver and drops off at the bus loop in Whistler Village.
Tel: 604 482 8747
Toll Free North America: 1 800 661 8747
Book online at greyhound.ca

how to get to whistler: Pacific Coach Line

Pacific Coach Whistler Express Bus

Direct service between Vancouver Airport and Whistler. With daily departures in winter and summer.
Tel:  604 662 7575
Toll Free North America: 1 800 661 1725

Book online at pacificcoach.com


4. How to get from Vancouver Airport to Whistler in luxury

There’s no explanation needed for why you should fly in a seaplane from Vancouver to Whistler, just trust us you should. But if you need and excuse to fall in the lap of luxury try birthdays, weddings, and graduations…it’s Friday, really any one of these will do.

Seaplane from Vancouver to Whistler

Harbour Air Seaplanes (summer only)

Daily flights from Vancouver Harbour to Green Lake, Whistler.

Whistler reservations centre: 604.932.6615
Vancouver reservations centre: 604.274.1277
Toll Free North America: 1 800 665 0212

Book online at harbourair.com


Star Limousine Ltd

limousine to whistler from vancouver

Tel: 604 685 5600
Fax: 604 685 2500
Toll Free North America: 1 800 803 9222

Book online at starlimousine.com