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Cornucopia’s Best Kept Secret Will Nourish Your Soul In A Way You’d Never Expect

Cornucopia Nourish Meditation
Original Image from Whistler.com

The Cornucopia festival in Whistler is well known for being a week long indulgent festival for the wine and food connoisseur. But it’s the one thing that it is least known for that you should be most excited about.

Nourish is a collection of special events during the festival that focus not on alcohol and rich foods, but instead on the healing arts of our local First Nations, meditation, nutrition and wellbeing.

The History of Nourish

In its second year at the festival, Nourish is nestled at the foot of Blackcomb Mountain where the stage is set for the expansion of healing, regeneration, and inspiration.  Health, wellness, and sustainability seekers will find just what their minds, bodies, and spirits hunger for; and guests will emerge with an understanding of their personal wellness and a greater sense of their place in this vast, beautiful world.

Nourish Events

There are 16 different Nourish events at Cornucopia that are encompassed in the following 3 categories:

    1. Nourish Cooking Series
    2. Nourish International Seminars
    3. Nourish Movement, Massage & Meditation
To find out about all 16 events and see a full Nourish schedule, please visit the Cornucopia website, here. We promise it will be well worth it!

These 3 Ski Exercises Will Help Your Powder Legs Last All Day

To help get you in tip-top shape, and make the most out of your time on the hill, we’ve searched high and low for the best ski fitness videos and exercises.

This video, by On The Snow, is an awesome pre-season workout demonstrated by world cup winning moguls skier, Heather McPhie. It pulls 3 gym exercises from the training program of the US Ski Team, and walks through the intensity and duration of each with the aim of improving your explosive strength (and ridding you of jelly legs) – vital for powering through deep west coast snow.

Exercises covered are:

  1. Overhead Ball Throw
  2. Weighted Squat Jumps
  3. Lateral Box Jumps

Every skier and snowboarder knows that the worst time to realise you’re out of shape is when you’re 3 runs in on a 30cm day. For two reasons; there’s no friends on a powder day, and secondly you’ll sweat so much you’ll have the dreaded foggles (foggy goggles) to deal with as well as your wobbly legs.

So press play and get yourself ready to ride with these 3 pro ski exercises.