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Meet our Crankworx Rider

Meet Honza, part of our Summit Family, who is competing in Crankworx 2017. We sat down to chat with him about his upcoming event, as well as why he travelled over 8000km from his hometown of Pardubice, Czech Republic to come and live in Whistler.

When asked how he thinks he’ll do, he answered “I think I can win it! If not, I’ll never hear the end of it!”. Read the rest of the interview below.

Summit Lodge: Thanks for sitting down with us Honza. It must be coming up to almost a year that you’ve been with us at the Summit Lodge?

Honza: Yeah, nearly a year. Its flown by!

SL: It certainly has. What’s your favourite thing about the Summit Lodge?

H: My old room in staff housing! Haha, but seriously, I like room 301, it has a really cool Whale rug.

SL: So this will be your 5th Crankworx, which event are you entering into?

H: I’m entering into the Enduro Challenge for the second time. The format of the event means you get to compete alongside the professionals, which really adds to the atmosphere.

SL: How do you think you’ll do?

H: I think I can win it! If not, I’ll never hear the end of it!

SL: How long have you been biking?

H: 30 years

SL: What are your three favourite events at Crankworx?

H: Enduro Challenge, Whip Off and Pump Track

Whip Off. Photo by Justa Jeskova

SL: Sounds pretty exciting. What are you doing to prepare for the race?

H: I’m riding as much as I can, keeping my fitness level high so that I’m in the best shape for race day.

SL: What are your top 3 bike trails to ride?

H: Hawaii in Pemberton, Original Sin in the Whistler Blackcomb Bike Park and Out There near Wedge Mountain

SL: And your favourite hiking trail?

H: Black Tusk. I love the views you get from the top, and it is one of the quieter trails in the area.

SL: Favourite restaurant?

H: Rim Rock

SL: What’s your favourite beach in Whistler?

H: Lost Lake (when its quiet) because of how close it is. It is also smaller than the other lakes, which means its warmer! I also like Hippie Lake because its so secluded and has a slide.

View over Lost Lake. Photo by Mike Crane

SL: What is the best bike shop in town?

H: Evolution

SL: What is the best way to experience Crankworx?

H: As a volunteer

SL: What are your top three hangout spots around Whistler?

H: 1. The skate park and dirt jumps near Rebagliati Park
2. Lost Lake
3. Cal-Cheak recreational campground

SL: When you go biking, what do you never leave the house without?

H: A pump and a spare tube

SL: Finally, what has kept you in Whistler so long?

H: My friends and the mountains

Explore Whistler With Us: Snowshoe The Ancient Medicine Trail

There is a Moorish proverb that we’re rather fond of it says “he who does not travel does not know the value of men”.
Exploring the ancient Medicine Trail you’ll get to touch First Nation’s statues and old growth trees, hear and learn about First Nation’s culture and history, and even taste the traditional Aboriginal teas that grow along the trail.

A short history of the British Columbia west coast

The west coast of British Columbia is one of the most culturally rich places on earth. 10,000 years ago, when the great glaciers began to retreat BC’s first people may have journeyed to the region from Asia via a land bridge across the Bering Sea. As the ice receded, forests flourished in the newly fertile land and it is thought that BC’s coastal region became one of the most densely populated areas in North America.

Prior to European contact, BC’s First Nations populations may have numbered some 300,000. The Aboriginal way of life continued undisturbed for thousands of years, until the arrival of the British in 1778.
The Medicine Trail Snowshoe tour with Canadian Wilderness Adventures is an educational and respectful reminder of the true foundation on which this part of BC owes so much.

The Medicine Trail snowshoeing excursion

entering the medicine trail on snowshoes in the sun

You guide will walk you through an ancient forest full of mystery along a historic trappers path – sharing with you, along the way, the traditional local knowledge of the local First Nations. You’ll be offered healing teas hand-made from plants that grow along The Medicine Trail, as you travel deep into a special ancient forest in the Callaghan Valley. Hear a brief history of the area’s traditional uses and ways of the past. Let your imagination go as you gaze upon giant cedar, fir and hemlock trees that provide a canopy high above. Your tour will finish back at the caboose where you can warm up by the roaring fire.

Add The Medicine Trail snowshoe tour to your room booking

Did you know that you can book Whistler adventures and tours through our website at the same time as booking your room? Well you do now, so what are you waiting for!

You can book The Medicine Trail snowshoe tour in two ways:

1. Direct online here: summitlodge.com/whistler-canada/winter-activities/whistler-snowshoeing

2. Call our front desk free of charge on: 1 (888) 913-8811 to add the tour to an existing booking

What you’ll need for snowshoeing The Medicine Trail

Stading next to a 500 year old tree on the medicine trail with canadian wilderness adventures

+ Winter clothing – ski/snowboard pants and jacket are great (as shown in the video)
+ Good, sturdy boots. Either walking boots, hiking boots or snowboard boots
+ Gloves, hat, scarf if it is a particularly cold day
+ Goggles or sunglasses to protect your eyes from the glare of the snow if it is sunny; or from falling snow if it is snowing
+ Be physically fit and comfortable with up to 3 hours of moderate walking pace

Departs: 9:00am & 12:00pm

Duration: 2.5-3 hours (round trip)

Cost: $89 Adult, $59 Youth (under 15yrs)

Explore Whistler With Us: Book A Full Day of Ice Fishing For Two


ice fishing with pemberton fish finder

At the Summit Lodge we believe that the true meaning of travel is to experience things that you cannot get anywhere else in the world. Cultural adventures that will be with you, always, from that point; and ice fishing is a tradition that has been in these parts for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. From the First Nations and Inuit, to the first European settlers and now to you – we’ve partnered with Pemberton Fishfinder to pass on local experience and knowledge.

Our Ice Fishing Excursion Includes:

+ Full Day of Ice fishing with Pemberton Fishfinder
+ All of your fishing equipment
+ An expert local guide
+ Lunch
+ Recipe for delicious pan-fried fish
+ A gourmet food basket to cook your fish
+ Transport to and from the Summit Lodge

Cost: $460 for 2 people

To book please call our front desk team, toll free on 1 (888) 913-8811

A one day freshwater fishing licence is required, but it can only be bough by the person who will be fishing. You can easily buy your licence online for $10 for BC residents and $20 for non-residents.
Buy your freshwater fishing licence here at the British Columbia government website: http://www.fishing.gov.bc.ca/

Ice fishing in Pemberton, BC is a feast of adventure

Imagine this: you’re in the wilds of British Columbia in a town that was only accessible by train until the 1960’s; fishing for rainbow trout, bull trout, kokanee, cutthroat trout and pike minnows in the shadows of mountain ranges that are so spectacular they’ve appeared in Hollywood blockbuster movies. If you want to know what it feels like to be lost in nature, this is it. Don’t forget to bring your camera.

the incredible mountain views from ice fishing with pemberton fish finder

Ice typically forms on the lakes in Pemberton around November and remains there until March. Most ice fishing is done in Pemberton because the fish there are much larger. Trout from the Pemberton area easily reach upwards of 10lbs and large trout (like the one Brad is holding below) could feed you for a whole week! All of the full day ice fishing trips come with Pemberton Fishfinder’s very own “fish catch guarantee”.

What you’ll need for ice fishing in Pemberton

  • Warm clothing: hat, boots, gloves and thick socks!
  • You should be prepared for subzero temperatures. Wearing old ski pants is a great way to keep your legs warm.
  • Valid BC Freshwater Fishing License 

About Your Guides At Pemberton Fishfinder

You’re in good hands with the team at Pemberton Fishfinder, their guides are all super-friendly and busting at the seams with local fishing knowledge for Whistler and Pemberton. Brad and his team have a combined knowledge of over 100 years fishing the local lakes and streams.

Brad Knowles – Head Guide

Brand Knowles Pemberton Fishfinder
Brad was born and raised in Pemberton, British Columbia Canada. As a young boy, the small town of Pemberton didn’t offer Brad and his friends many things other than great fishing. So every waking moment Brad would be seen fishing the local rivers and lakes on a daily basis with his farther and siblings.

Brad’s years of hands-on experience lead him to become an angling guide and it was his reputation as “the man to see if you want to catch fish” that eventually lead to Brad hosting is own fishing show called ELITE FISHING – seen by 100,000 people a week on Whistler Cable. Brad’s ability to catch fish makes him one of the best guides in Canada. His passion for fishing is only matched by his love for seeing other people catch fish!

“We do not just provide a scenic adventure for the whole family and friends, we want you to catch fish! Our Ice fishing season books very quickly, do not miss out on this extraordinary fishing adventure while visiting Whistler and Pemberton this Winter.” – Brad

To book your day of ice fishing please call our front desk toll free on: 1 (888) 913-8811