Building a school in San Quintin, Mexico [Photo Recap]

Back in May, we hosted the “Build-A-School Fiesta” to raise 💰 to build a school in Mexico’s San Quintin Valley 🇲🇽️ This past week, #MissionSanQuintin came to fruition and Summit Lodge’s Lorraine, Tony, Marco, and Joanna ventured south to aid in the school build and learn about local culture. Lorraine kept a detailed photo diary of the eye-opening [read more]

Recap: 5 Days Of Adventure In Whistler For #TheBCProject InstaMeet

Two weeks ago we sponsored Whistler’s first ever Instameet – 5 days of free adventure and exploration activities all arranged purely for the love of getting to know new friends and spend time in the outdoors. Instameets are gatherings of people coming together to connect, explore, and celebrate their creativity, via Instagram. The Instameet ran [read more]

Explore Whistler With Us: Snowshoe The Ancient Medicine Trail

There is a Moorish proverb that we’re rather fond of it says “he who does not travel does not know the value of men”. Exploring the ancient Medicine Trail you’ll get to touch First Nation’s statues and old growth trees, hear and learn about First Nation’s culture and history, and even taste the traditional Aboriginal teas that grow along the trail. [read more]