Whistler Scooter Rentals

Exclusively at Summit Lodge – Spitfire Scooter Rental Whistler

Whistler Scooter Rental - Summit Boutique Hotel WhistlerSpitfire Scooter Rental is Whistler’s freshest scooter rental company! Their main goal is to offer clients a unique Whistler experience and what better way to explore our scenic and beautiful village than on a zippy scooter! Scoot about the sights and sounds of Whistler in style.

Green and Clean

Our 2013 Honda Giorno scooters are eco- friendly with low emition of CO2 and are fuel efficient. Be clean and green with Spitfire Scooters!

Special Occasions

Get some for the most fun photos for your wedding, birthday or special occasion with our scooters.

“Spitfire was awesome, they showed me how to ride the scooters and where to go! We managed to visit all around Whistler’s lakes, the fancy houses and some secret spots. I loved it! The helmets and goggles were also very cool. Thanks Spitfire!”

RATES (Helmets included)
1 Hour $20
3 Hours $50
5 Hours $75
1 Day $150

To book call 604-907-4934 OR visit Spitfire Rentals